NDA 解除へ

iPhone Developer Program

We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software.

We put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions and innovations that we would like to protect, so that others don’t steal our work. It has happened before. While we have filed for hundreds of patents on iPhone technology, the NDA added yet another level of protection. We put it in place as one more way to help protect the iPhone from being ripped off by others.

However, the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software. Developers will receive a new agreement without an NDA covering released software within a week or so. Please note that unreleased software and features will remain under NDA until they are released.

Thanks to everyone who provided us constructive feedback on this matter.


  • リリース済み iPhone Software の NDA を解除(つまり 2.0 〜 2.1 。リリース前のものに関しては、これまで通り NDA あり)
  • 開発者には、1週間強で、リリース済み iPhone Software の NDA を取り除いた新しい使用許諾(?)が届けられる


Apple の知的財産権はともかくとして、iPhone プラットフォームにとっては大きなリスク(しかも Apple が自ら生み出している)だと思っていたので、まずはひと安心です。あとは App Store の評価基準だ!

(Via Matt Legend Gemmell)

iPhone Developer Program の適用範囲が拡大?

すでに皆さん、アプリ開発に熱中してらっしゃるからかもしれませんが、先日の TUAW の記事が、僕の巡回範囲であまり話題になっていないので、書いておきます。

iPhone dev program opened worldwide? First report! – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

I don’t know if this is going to pan out or not, but TUAW reader Skaro (exterminate!) reports that he’s been accepted into the iPhone developer program. Not a big deal until you realize that he lives in the UK and paid up his £59 fees.

当初、米国内の開発者のみ対象だった iPhone Developer Program ですが、ついにイギリスの開発者が承認され、料金も支払ったようです。

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